Welcome to the Student Development and Leadership Unit

The Student Development and Leadership Unit provides administrative, training and development
support to the Student Representative Council (SRC) and its clubs and societies. The SDLU creates an
environment that is enabling and empowering, and one that allows the space for constructive debate
and critical enquiry for the benefit of the students.  The SDLU further contributes to creating a unique
out-of-classroom environment in order to maximise the opportunities for student personal growth
and intense self discovery through exciting and challenging co-curricular activities and student
leadership training. Outdoor programmes based on Adventure Experiential Related Learning are also

For further information on how to register for these exciting activities as well as to find out more about
registration for SRC clubs and societies, visit us during Orientation Week at the Information village on the
Library Lawns on the East Campus. Registrations after Orientation Week will take place in our offices
on the 1st and 2nd Floors in the Students’ Union Building (above the Matrix) until the end of March,
between 12:00 and 14:00. Registrations may be debited to a student’s fee account only until the
end of March, thereafter payment is by cash only. Cancellations may only be done until the end of March,
at the SDLU offices.