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International students

Before International students are able to register you must complete the following steps:


A Fees Quotation Form must be completed by you, followed by the Faculty Office and the Fees Office. If you have on campus accommodation, the form is to be completed by the Office of Residence Life as well. 


Valid VISA
Full-time: Study visa - this reflects that you will be studying at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
Part-time: Critical/General Work Visa/Intra-Company or Business Visa
Holders of Refugee Permits, Asylum Seeker Permits and Diplomatic Visas can visit the International Students Office website for requirements.


Payment of fees: 75 % of the tuition fees and related costs are required prior to the annual enrolment; the remaining 25% must be paid by 31 March. Failure to complete this payment may mean you could be deregistered. If you are sponsored, your sponsorship letter has to be vetted by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (FASO).


Clearance to Register: Obtain your Fees Clearance from the Fees Office. Present the completed Fees Quotation Form, Passport, Visa and proof of SA medical aid membership for the current year to the International Students Office to obtain the clearance to enroll. First time undergraduate students must obtain a Matriculation Exemption.

For further enquiries or visit the International Students site.

After international clearance has been issued, please register for your academic programme as per your student status and your home faculty.