Choosing a Degree

Faculty Degrees Offered:

Commerce, Law and Management

Careers in: Information systems, advertising, accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, project management, insurance, management, computer science, business finance, psychology, law.

Bachelor of Commerce - BCom
Bachelor of Accounting Science - BAccSc
Bachelor of Economic Science - BEconSc
Bachelor of Law -  LLB

Careers in: Economics, psychology, sociology, languages, history, anthropology, media, literature, culture, education, journalism, music, development, law.
Bachelor of Arts - BA
Bachelor of Arts -  Dramatic Art
Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Arts -  Speech Therapy
Bachelor of Arts - Law
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Arts in Performing and Visual Art 
Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television  

Health Sciences

Careers in: Medicine, dentistry, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physiotherapy

Bachelor of Health Sciences -BHSc
Bachelor of Dental Science - BDS
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - MBBCh
Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice - BCMP
Bachelor of Nursing - BNurs
Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy - BSc(OT)
Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy - BSc(Physiotherapy)
Bachelor of Pharmacy - BPharm
Graduate Entry Medical Programme - GEMP


Careers in the fields of: Geology, paelaeontology, mathematics, finance, physics, biotechnology, molecular biology, environmental sciences, geography, astronomy, nuclear sciences, statistics, chemistry, applied computing, materials science with metallurgy.

Bachelor of Science -BSc
Engineering and the Built Environment

Careers in the fields of: Aeronautics, chemistry, civil, electrical, industrial, game design, mechanical, metallurgy and materials, mining, architecture, quantity surveying, construction management, property studies, information engineering, environmental, biomedical engineering.

Bachelor of Science (Engineering) - BSc Eng
Bachelor of Engineering Science in Digital Arts - BEngSC (Digital Arts)
Bachelor of Engineering Science in Biomedical Engineering - BEngSC(BME)
Bachelor of Architectural Studies - BAS
Bachelor of Science in Town and Regional Planning - BSc (URP)
Bachelor of Science in Construction Studies- BSc (CS)
Bachelor of Science in Property Studies - BSc (PS)