Choosing a Degree

Faculty Degrees Offered:

Commerce, Law and Management

Information systems, advertising, accounting, marketing, human resources, project management, insurance, management, computer science, business finance, psychology, law.

Bachelor of Commerce - BCom
Bachelor of Accounting Science - BAccSc
Bachelor of Economic Science - BEconSc
Bachelor of Law -  LLB

Economics, psychology, sociology, languages, history, anthropology, media, literature, culture, education, journalism, music, development, law.
Bachelor of Arts - BA
Bachelor of Arts -  Dramatic Art
Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Arts -  Speech Therapy
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Arts in Performing and Visual Art

Health Sciences

Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Health Sciences -BHSc
Bachelor of Dental Science - BDS
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - MBBCh
Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice - BCMP
Bachelor of Nursing - BNurs
Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy - BSc(OT)
Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy - BSc(Physiotherapy)
Bachelor of Pharmacy - BPharm
Graduate Entry Medical Programme - GEMP


In the field of:
Geology, paelaeontology, mathematics, physics, biotechnology, molecular biology, environmental sciences, geography, astronomy, statistics, chemistry, applied computing, materials science with metallurgy.

Bachelor of Science -BSc
Engineering and the Built Environment

Aeronautics, chemistry, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, metallurgy and materials, mining, architecture, quantity surveying, construction management, property studies, information engineering, environmental, biomedical engineering.

Bachelor of Science (Engineering) - BSc Eng
Bachelor of Engineering Science in Digital Arts - BEngSC (Digital Arts)
Bachelor of Engineering Science in Biomedical Engineering - BEngSC(BME)
Bachelor of Architectural Studies - BAS
Bachelor of Science in Town and Regional Planning - BSc (URP)
Bachelor of Science in Construction Studies- BSc (CS)
Bachelor of Science in Property Studies - BSc (PS)