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Heritage Week at Wits

Heritage Month

The Student Affairs Division at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg strive to be an innovative contributor to a vibrant university community through the holistic development of students to enable students to succeed academically as socially resposible citizens.  The Division’s programmes are aimed at enhancing student success, student learning and the overall quality of campus-life for students in a student centered environment.

Recognizing that learning happens always and everywhere throughout the student experience, Student Affair's have designed and implemented learning experiences that advance students holistic development.  Student Affairs provide personal and academic support services that strengthen student's readiness to learn while identifying and addressing barriers to learning.  The Division is actively engaged in promoting student success and supporting student well-being

As a Division, Student Affairs seek to stand out from a broad spectrum of universities where Wits University's reputation is based not on academic excellence alone, but also for its quality and variety of its student life, and will provide leadership in the creation of a stimulating campus life that is supportive yet challenging for students.

Message to Students:

Students must snatch opportunities for self-development and use the facilities and programmes at their disposal like those being offered by the Counselling and Careers Devlopment Unit, the Writing Centre, the Student Development Office and the Campus Health and Wellness Centre. Students must also engage in intellectual debate on issues of the day, but should at the same time respect diversity and demonstrate respect to fellow students and staff members.


 Students at WITS

Students at Chamber of Mines Building