Counselling and Careers Development Unit (CCDU)

 Day of Kindness 

 1 September 2015

09h00 - 14h30

Following the trend of an international awareness of kindness, CCDU is inviting the Wits community to participate in a conscious day of kindness.  The aim is to notice the kindness around us and being kind to oneself and others.  Do something kind for yourself or for someone else…

Below are ideas of how YOU can participate:

*  Collection of non-perishable items and clothing to be donated to the Wits Citizenship and Community Outreach (WCCO). 

                - Collection points – CCDU, WCCO, Library Lawns, Alumni Affairs Office

*  Library lawns – Meet Kind Kudu and receive helium balloons and kindness galore!

*  A Mindfulness Practice on Kindness: 13h30-14h00pm at CCDU


CCDU provides services in the following areas:

  • Career Services - career development through career counselling/education, psychometric career assessments and personal development workshops.
  • Therapy Services - one-on-one counselling and/or group therapy, trauma debriefing and psycho-education in the form of workshops and talks.
  • HIV/AIDS Education and Support services - holistic interventions and programmes for students affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Learn for Life - is a structured programme that provides psychosocial learning and life skills development for students through the facilitation of group processes, presentations, workshops and trainings.
  • Graduate Recruitment - A programme in which recruiters actively recruit students for employment opportunities.
  • University Student Employment - facilitates student placement for part time, flexi time and/or temporary work.
Braamfontein Campus:  CCDU Building, West Campus, Gate 9, Enoch Sontonga Avenue, Braamfontein.

West Campus Map

Education Campus: 1st Floor, Administration Building, Education Campus:  

Education Campus Map

Telephone: 27 11 717-9140/32



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