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The Dean of Students, Ms Prem Coopoo, worked as a social worker at the South African National Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse for five years before entering the higher education sector. She has worked in the sector for over 19 years, having started as a lecturer in Social Work at the University of Durban-Westville (UDW). She then moved into private practice as a clinical social worker. She was appointed head of Personal Counselling in the Student Counselling Department at UDW during which time she established the Disabled Students Programme. She was then appointed Deputy Registrar of Student Affairs at the Technikon Natal, later moving to the Medical School of the University of Natal as Operations Manager. She was responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate student academic administration before coming to Wits.

The Dean of Students role is to provide the strategic direction and co-ordination of all student affairs operations and to provide a coherence among the five Student Affairs Units' services, programmes and iniatives, by setting clear and specific expectations for staff invovement in facilitating students' experiences.

The Dean of Student seeks to:

  • facilitate the integration of the academic experience of students with all aspects of university and student life.
  • inspire the provision of innovative programmes and services which are responsive to the needs of students. 
  • address emerging policies and foster learning communities and community building.
  • Ensure quality assurance is embedded in student support.

Student mentored by Dean of Students - 2012

First in Family - Mentored by the Dean of Students - 2012

Student Mentored by the Dean of Students - 2013