Intermediate Certificate

Wits Plus Corporate Governance and Administration Certificate delegates

The Intermediate course in Corporate Governance and Administration is a second level course which offers a broad-based business education to learners who want to advance their career by becoming an CIBM Associate – a status granted by Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa (CSSA).

The Intermediate course in Corporate Governance and Administration on NQF level 5 builds on the introductory course. It is ideal for those who wish to work in a supervisory to junior managerial level (for example, assistant manager) and is a pre-qualification for the next level of management. 

This certificate will enable you to read a balance sheet, complete a tax return, understand legal issues, understand information and communication technology systems and what business management is about.

The following courses are required to complete this certificate:
Advanced Commercial Law
Financial Accounting II
Management Information Systems
Management Principles

The certificate (NQF Level 6) is the basis required to apply for the Advanced Certificate (NQF Level 7), which is the level that enables you to take the professional examinations offered by CSSA (and internationally recognised qualifications).

The course remains broadly focused but introduces management knowledge. There is a definite shortage of people qualified to work at this level in the formal sector of the economy,  so there is a definite demand for this course in the Government, NGO and business environments.