Message from the Director

Dr Johan Swanepoel - Wits Plus Director

Living and working in a knowledge driven society is the challenging reality that faces most of us today. Jobs change quickly and there is an insatiable demand for new skills, more knowledge and higher levels of functioning.

There are many reasons why one would feel the need to improve one’s qualifications or add to one’s skills profile: such as trying to qualify for promotion, looking for a career change, just staying abreast with new developments or even looking for a key to unlock the door to a formal position for the first time.

Wits Plus, the Centre for Part-Time Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, provides a golden opportunity to those who fall in any of the above mentioned categories. Not only do we offer the facility to register for a degree at Wits University or for one of a range of short certificate courses, we do it in a way that makes it accessible to almost every working, mature person.

Studying through Wits Plus makes you part of the Wits family. You will be taught by highly regarded academics, have the opportunity to network with fellow students, attend evening classes on the Wits Campus, and eventually walk away with a formal Wits qualification. Many of our previous students have moved on to complete postgraduate studies, or have benefitted in various other ways from the growth they achieved by studying at one of the top universities in Africa.

We invite you to browse through the information provided on these pages. There is bound to be something that can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Let us partner with you on this exciting journey!