Important Information

The fees for all courses are the responsibility of the individual attending the course. All fees must be paid prior to registration. Payment can be made by electronic transfer or bank deposits. You will then need to bring your original deposit slip to registration day, the dates of which will be provided in your acceptance letter.

Please note: Wits Plus does NOT accept cash at the Wits Plus offices.

A course registration may be cancelled more than 3 weeks before the commencement of lectures and will incur a 10% penalty. If a registration is cancelled within 3 weeks of the start of the course, the participant will be entitled to a 50% refund of the tuition fee. Cancellations thereafter will not be entitled to a refund and we do not permit automatic attendance at the next round of the course.

Lectures for semester 1 commence in February and end in June and lectures for semester 2 will commence in the 2nd week of July and end in November. Each course ends as lecturers complete the stated number of lectures.  Lecturers usually have a one week break half way through the course. Discuss this with your lecturer.

Contact our International Students Office to ensure that you meet all immigration requirements to attend short certificate courses. You need to be in possession of Work Permit (which has to be endorsed with Home Affairs if we accept you) and your educational qualifications.

If you are accepted and a holder of Work/Exceptional/Quota/Business Permit you are required to apply for an endorsement to study part-time.  This is required if the course is longer than three months (90 days).  The endorsement will only be valid for the period of the current permit.  If the course is less than 90 days this is NOT required.  For more information on how to apply for the endorsement go to or contact the International Students Office.

Tel: +27 11 717 1054


All international students (those who are not South African citizens or who do not have permanent residence status in South Africa) are required to pay a non-refundable annual International Registration Fee (IRF).  Please click here for information on the registration fee.


Please note: Wits Plus, University of the Witwatersrand, reserves the right to withdraw a course from its offerings should registrations not reach viable numbers. In this event a full refund will be made or students will be allowed to transfer the paid fees to another course.

Minimum class size for 100 level courses is 20 students.
Minimum class size for 200 level courses is 10 students.
Minimum class size for 300 level courses is 10 students.

We regret that we are unable to offer short course participants borrowing rights to the Wits Library, however you are allowed to go and sit and work in the library with the available material.  Remember the World Wide Web (www) offers a superb source of information on a vast range of topics and can usefully support your studies. Often textbooks are now supported by a publisher’s website.  Ask your lecturer to recommend their favourite websites.

Certain courses include the provision of a textbook and this is made clear in the course information for the specific course.  In the case of other courses participants need to purchase their own textbook. Course outlines are supplied by the lecturer for each course. Notes are distributed at the discretion of the lecturer should he/she decides this to be desirable. There is no additional charge for course notes.

Examinations or formal assessments are run once for each course at the end of the period of tuition. The results will be available for collection by the student as we receive the information from lecturers in the Wits Plus office – it usually takes about a month after you have written your final exam. We will inform you when the results and certificates are ready for collection. Wits Plus students will also receive a link to their latest results via email.

Strict rules apply for supplementary or deferred exam. All Wits Plus students need to familiarise themselves with the rules when they register.

A Certificate of Competence is awarded for the successful completion of all tasks set by the lecturer, including essays, assignments, projects, tests and exams and attendance at 80% of the lectures.  Note: In the case of deadlines for assignments, projects or hand-in exams we adhere very strictly to times as set by the lecturer.  Certificates of competence are issued within 6 weeks of the publication of results and will need to be collected from the Wits Plus offices (we do not post because of possible damage to the certificates). Replacement certificates of competence will only be issued in very rare circumstances following a written request and explanation. There is a charge for a replacement certificate.

We issue letters of attendance on request, for those participants who chose not to comply with assessment requirements but who do attend 80% of the classes and didn’t sit for an examination. It is important to sign the attendance register at each lecture.  Letters of attendance are statements that you were present in class and do not indicate that any level of competence of understanding has been achieved.  No replacement letters of attendance are issued.

All short course participants must obtain an Access Card.  Access to safe parking on the Braamfontein West Campus is available upon purchase of a parking disk. You may park in student parking on the Braamfontein West campus.

Wits is protected by Campus Control – their HQ office is in Central block CB 1 on the Braamfontein East Campus in the Great Hall (+27 11 717 4444). Campus control staff patrol the campus keeping an eye on people and cars. The Braamfontein West Campus is well lit at night. Should you feel in any way unsafe or observe an incident that concerns you, please report the matter to Campus Control.

The Tower of Light kiosk on our Braamfontein West Campus is open until 7pm and supplies coffee, cool drinks, etc. Café Fino is located at the new Origins Centre on the Braamfontein East Campus and remains open from 08h30 to 17h30 – it is also good for lunches, snacks and a coffee.