Inbound Testimonial - 2010

Peter Allen - George Washington University. Peter spent the 1st semester of 2010 at Wits

“I came to Wits to study with experts on political conditions and development in African nations and was extremely pleased with my classes.  I was able to focus on Africa in a way that would have been nearly impossible at my home institution.  The professors I had were from all over the continent and had been involved in development projects and governance in several different countries.  The students that I studied with were also from various nations and that added some excellent perspective to the classroom discussions.”


Peter AllenPeter Allen, George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affair

Andrea Henkel - Zeppelin University. Andrea spent the 1st semester of 2010 at Wits 

“My exchange semester at WITS was my best semester ever. The university campus is great, there is a swimming pool, a mall and many possibilities for “braaiing”. The lectures in political science gave great insights as I learned to see things from an “African” perspective. Johannesburg is a thriving city and a perfect starting point for many trips to wonderful places in South Africa. And last but not least – with the wonderful staff of the International Office you never feel lost! I had a great time and hope that the exchange between WITS and Zeppelin University in Germany continues for a long time. We can learn a lot from each other!”


Andrea Henkel, Zeppelin University, Germany

Ms Yejin Oh - Masters student, George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs

I am a MA student (International Affairs - International Law and Organizations major) at GWU Elliott School of International Affairs. I was at Wits for a semester (July - November 2010.)

As a student of International Affairs, I applied for the exchange program at Wits hoping to interact with students from all corners of Africa and get their insights. I was able to achieve precisely that, while taking several graduate-level courses on Africa-related topics which would not have been readily available back home. I was also able to visit places such as the Pan-African Parliament, South African Constitutional Court, and SADC headquarter while at Wits, which helped me better understand African organizations. Wits campus is beautiful, and although the administrative procedures can be quite frustrating sometimes, there are always people willing to help out. Not driving a car in Johannesburg is a big detriment and safety still seems to be an issue, but I managed to have a safe and enjoyable time. I will be coming back to South Africa soon!