KNOW INDIA PROGRAMME [for people of Indian origin] 

The programme is run by the Ministry of Overseas Affairs and has been quite popular with our young ones the world over. Every year we have  4 such KNOW INDIA PROGRAMME and participation from South Africa has been a constant affair and of much value for the enrichment of the initiative.  We are sending two students  from JOHANNESBURG for the 26th edition of the Programme  starting in December. And we have the 27th edition for January 2014 in the pipeline. We would  very much appreciate  if  you could publicise the programme among those whom you know. The last date for sending in the application for  the January 2014 Programme is 30th November 2013

Details of  the programme could be seen at the URL::

Basic information on the programme, however, is given below:

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has been organising the Know India Program (earlier Internship Programme for Diaspora Youth (IPDY)) to create awareness about the phenomenal transformation taking place in India and the country’s progress from just a destination for culture, heritage and art to an emerging powerhouse in the global economic system. Twenty five such programmes have been organised up till now in partnership with different states. Following the success of the programmes and based on the positive feedback received from the interns, the next Know India Programmes (KIP) are proposed to be organised for 40 participants to be selected from countries all over the world. The KIP in the nature of an Orientation Programme is expected to provide the participants exposure to various facets of the Indian way of life, culture, spirituality, adventure and sports, creativity and composite character of India and interaction with youth from different parts of the country.

2. The participants comprising of overseas Indians in the age group of 18-26 years who have distinguished themselves in any field and have abiding interest in India and links with India through parentage, are selected by the Indian Missions in their respective countries.

3. The Know India Programme is organised by the Ministry in partnership with the State Governments. After few days in Delhi the participants are sent to the State for about ten days orientation programme. On return from the State, the participants stay in Delhi for some time for meetings and de-briefing etc.

4. The expenses on International air travel [ 90% reimbursed to participants after they successfully complete the programme ]  from the countries of the KIP Participants to India and back and air / train travel of KIP participants from Delhi to Partner State and back to Delhi will be borne by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. Generally the activities of KIP Participants within Partner State will involve visit to historical, cultural, industrial, academic and tourist places along with meeting with constitutional head, Hon’ble Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, Chief Minister, and other eminent personalities. They are also give exposure of village life and interactive sessions in premier university / institution / organisation within the State. This will promote the State to a distinguished group of Young Overseas Indians in their respective countries and will have ramifications in terms tourism, investment, education and glorious heritage of India.

5. It is now proposed to organise the 27th KIP on the schedule as shown below: 

KIP edition : 27th
Tentative Period:  3.1.2014 to 23.1.2014
Partner State : Himachal Pradesh
Last date for receipt of nomination in the MOIA:  30th Nov, 2013