In terms of the Immigration Act No. 13 of 2002 as Amended and its Regulations any prospective student to the Republic of South Africa, must provide proof of medical cover with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998 Act 131 of 1998.

Although you might be able to secure a study visa with other types of medical products, be they South African or otherwise, the University of the Witwatersrand only accepts South African Medical Aid products.

To comply with the regulations, the University requires a membership certificate as proof of full Medical Aid cover with a South African based medical aid scheme for the full calendar year, until 31 December of that year.

To avoid unnecessary complications, please make the necessary financial arrangements with the medical aid provider prior to your entry into South Africa. Should you rely on sponsorship, please ensure that you advise your sponsor of this requirement as soon as you get sponsorship or acceptance. The required medical aid cover fee must be paid directly to the Medical Aid Company, separate to that of the tuition fees. 

Students will not receive a Clearance Certificate unless they can show a membership certificate as proof of a valid and comprehensive medical aid cover for the duration of the academic year (until 31 December), without a Clearance Certificate they cannot register at the Institution.

Students who are members or dependents on a South African based parent/guardian/spousal/work medical aid are required to present a recent membership certificate for the annual registration. The membership certificate must reflect active membership for the current year.

Medical Aids with Weekly Consulting Hours at Wits Campus


Web Address

Contact Number

CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme 0860 112 4636

Discovery Health Medical Scheme

0860 99 88 77 / +27 (0)11 529 6496

Momentum Health

0860 10 24 39 / +27 (0)12 671 8511

The above products have guaranteed that cancellation of coverage will not be refunded without written communication from the International Students Office confirming the student's deregistration/completion status.

Factors to take into consideration when comparing and selecting medical cover options and benefits offered for your specific needs.  Compare the benefits as summarised 2015 Medical Aid Cover Guide

If you wish to use other SA Medical Aid Products you will have to ensure the following:

  1. The certificate/letter confirming membership must be for the current year

For more details about all Medical Aid providers in South Africa, contact:


Web Address

Contact Number

SA Medical Scheme                

0861 123 267 / +27 12 431 0500