Fees and Bursaries / Scholarships



When should I pay?
You can make the payment at any time before you come to register - you may prefer to avoid the queues on registration day(s) by paying earlier.
You may pay at the University's Cashiers Office on the Senate House Concourse, East Campus, weekdays between 08:15 and 15:30. For your convenience, additional cashiers will be available on registration day only. Please note NO cash payments are accepted at the International Students Office.

What should I do if I have a bursary/scholarship?
You should go to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office on Senate House Concourse, East Campus, where on presentation of proof of bursary/scholarship, the bursary letter must be vetted. Thereafter go to the University Fees Office and a clearance will be given to waive the payment before registration.

Can I receive a scholarship or grant from Wits to fund my studies?
Postgraduate students can apply for financial aid. However, the award is granted on academic and other criteria.
There is no financial aid available for undergraduate students. 

How do I pay my tuition fees?
Please refer to the section on 'Financial Information - How to Pay' in this guide

How much are tuition fees that I need to pay?
Once you have been accepted, the Faculty will send you information on how much tuition fees you need to pay. You can also contact the Fees Office for this information on +27 11 717-1530.

75% of the annual tuition fee is payable on or before registration, as well as 75% of the on-campus accommodation fee. This payment includes the annual tuition fees and other related costs.  The balance of the fees is payable by 31 March for undergraduate students, and for postgraduate students two months after registration. 

This excludes students with Refugee status.