Incoming Procedure

  1. Contact the International Office of your home Institution to establish the nature of the agreement with Wits University and whether you are eligible.
  2. The International Student Exchange Coordinator will make contact with his counterpart at the International Students Office. The application form, Medical Aid Information and Requirements for International Clearance form will be emailed to the Coordinator
  3. You may also enquire about course information at your International Office. This information is also available on the Wits website.
  4. Match the most suitable courses at Wits University to your curriculum at your home institution.
  5. Meet with your relevant teaching advisor / lecturer / professor to confirm your course selection and get this further ratified by your relevant faculty.
  6. The original copy of the application form and all supporting documentation must be couriered/posted to the International Students Office.
  7. The documentation will be forwarded to the relevant faculty for processing and should you be accepted, a 'Letter of Offer' will be forwarded to the International Students Office.
  8. The 'Letter of Offer' with a letter from the WIO regarding accommodation and permit assistance and the International Student Handbook will be couriered to the International Student Exchange Coordinator at your home institution and this will be forwarded to you.
  9. The Letter of Offer and letter from the International Students Office are two requirements to apply for a study permit for Wits University. The other requirements and the application process are listed on page 7 and 8 of the handbook, this information is also available on the office website under 'Applying to Wits...Study Permit'
  10. Confirm your date of arrival with the International Student Exchange Coordinator at Wits. If you are spending the first semester, then on campus accommodation at International House is available at an affordable rate. If you are spending the second semester, then the International Students Office will suggest affordable off campus accommodation.
  11. Should you require a transfer from the airport then this can also be arranged by the International Students Office.
  12. Once at Wits University, you must come to the International Students Office. The office will inform you on the process of obtaining an International Clearance which will allow you to register. Please bring along all documentation that has been couriered to you.
  13. The office will issue you a fee waiver letter which you will present to the Fees office. They will then issue you a fees clearance statement. The fees clearance statement, Letter of Offer, Proof of medical aid and valid passport with study permit should be presented to the International Students Office for you to obtain an International clearance.
  14. The International Clearance document should then be taken to the relevant Faculty to register.

Semester Study Abroad Application Form 2014
International Clearance Information 2014
Medical Aid Cover 2014

Exchange Student Registration Requirements
Occasional Student Registration Requirements 

Submit Application to the:
International Students Office
Private Bag X3
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0)11 717 1054,