WITS SEMESTER Study Abroad Outgoing Procedure

The Application Process for a Wits Semester Abroad Opportunity

  • Visit the Internationalisation Students Office (ISO), Partnerships website :  for an overview of the partners Wits has signed cooperation agreements with.
  • Contact the Internationalisation Students Office (ISO)) to establish the nature of the agreements we have with partner institution/s you are interested in and whether you are eligible.
  • Check the relevant exchange partners' website or visit the ISO for course information.
  • Obtain application forms from Internationalisation Students Office (ISO for partner institutions you are interested in.
  • Match the most suitable courses at the collaborating university to your Wits curriculum for the semester you wish to apply for.
  • Meet with your learning and teaching advisor/registrar or relevant Wits Head of Department and advise the relevant individual/s to complete the "Permission for International Exchange" form which confirms your course selection at the partner institution and transfer of credits towards your Wits degree, should you pass the courses taken at the collaborating university.
  • Visit your faculty office and get this further ratified by the Faculty Registrar.
  • Complete the "Expression of interest form" and Partner Institution Application Form, clearly indicating  your course selections.
  • Submit both application forms together with the "Permission for International Exchange" form as well as all supporting documentation to the ISO.
  • The Internationalisation Students Office (ISO) will forward the application form and all supporting documentation to the partner institution.
  • The partner institution will decide on whether you can be offered a place as an exchange student and which courses you will be able to study
  • The partner institution will issue an Offer letter/Acceptance Letter, which you will receive via post, email or the Internationalisation Students Office (ISO)
  • Make all necessary arrangements regarding travel, visa requirements, accommodation at host institution.
  • The Internationalisation Students Office (ISO) will provide continued administrative support as and when required by the student
  • Both the “Permission for International Exchange” and “Expression of interest” forms can be downloaded and printed at the following link:

Expression of interest form(Outgoing)

Permission for International Exchange(Faculty)

Submit Application to:
Mr Ismail Badrudin,
Tel 27 (0)11 717 1055,
International Students Office
Senate House
Ground Floor