Terms & Conditions

Address Changes

    The database used by the University of the Witwatersrand is able to maintain several addresses for you.
    The Financial Aid & Scholarships uses the the Term Address (usually local) during the academic year
    and the Home Postal Address (usually a parent s) during the holidays. Students are responsible for
    updating these addresses whenever a change occurs. Changes can be made at your Faculty

Right to Appeal

    Students have the right to appeal any decision or change on their Financial Aid Award. All appeals
    should be submitted in writing to Financial Aid & Scholarship office.

Fraud and Abuse

    Any individual who fraudulently manipulates the financial aid programmes or process for
    personal gain, or commits fraud on an application for financial aid, will have a legal process instituted
    against them. Cases of suspected fraud, including knowingly misrepresenting family or financial
    application information, purposeful certification of false statements as true and correct, or intentional
    falsification or misrepresentation on, or alteration of documents used in the financial aid process that
    results in the receipt of aid, will be reported for possible collection of funds and/or prosecution.

Satisfactory Academic Progress-Financial Aid Suspension

    Any student receiving financial aid during the academic year is expected to make satisfactory
    academic progress toward a degree. If the criteria is not met during the academic year, students
    may be suspended from receiving any further financial aid until a waiver is granted. Awarding of
    financial aid is dependant upon both a satisfactory course load for previous semesters and the grade
    point average. Even if students did not receive financial aid in a previous term, their academic
    performance can affect their future eligibility for financial aid. Students should contact their Financial
    Aid consultant if they have questions about Satisfactory Academic Progress or if they need to
    apply for a waiver.


    If students withdraw from all classes during the semester, the financial aid awarded to them
    will be cancelled and a repayment of financial aid may be due. Students may be suspended
    from receiving future aid because they will not have met the criteria for satisfactory progress
    toward a degree.

Additional Student Responsibilities

  • Submitting accurate applications before the closing date deadline.
  • Submitting accurate forms and documents requested by this office in a timely manner.
  • Following instructions for application, renewal of aid or resolving problems.
  • Notifying Financial Aid & Scholarships if a change in family situation occurs or if assistance from an outside source received.
  • Reading the provided information about the terms and conditions of all aid programs.
  • Requesting special assistance when it is needed.

Application to appeal

  • Click here to download the Appeal form