Why Wits

Wits Great Hall



Anyone who wants to engage in a meaningful way with the world will love Wits. It is not an ivory tower, instead it is a place where academe connects both formally and informally with the city and province it is an integral part of. It is a unique place because of its involvement in exploring the earliest home of human kind as well as in helping to define the future of the continent.

Wits is structuring itself into six primary areas which emphasise its involvement in research and change. Global change, the Study of Cities, Molecular Biosciences, Minerals and Mining and Evolutionary Sciences all combine in its engagement with Population, health and society. If you are looking for an active and informed role in change and development then you will definitely find Wits to be an ideal home for studying and research.

The university is as diverse and restless as the city it is part of. New buildings, research institutes, expansion and constant questioning and engagement are the hallmarks of the Wits experience. It is a place where you can study both nature and man at unique sites. The Sterkfontein complex is probably one of the most exciting paleontological sites in the world whilst the Wits Rural facility in Mpumalanga is ideal for studies in the nearby game parks as well as in rural settlements and towns.

Wits has partnerships with the city of Johannesburg and Gauteng which are constantly redefining the relationship between academe and society.

Students love the vibrancy of Wits and the city and the secret places on campus which have nothing to do with its fast paced mood. The golf driving range, the huge and inviting swimming pool, quiet spots where birds and indigenous trees flourish are as much part of the experience of studying and working at Wits as engaging with society in debates, talks and study.

Wits has a strong tradition of critical engagement with South Africa. Its history throughout the past 90 years has been one of independence and critical response to a volatile and difficult political history. Wits has never compromised its vision and continues to build on its reputation as a centre of independent thinking and fresh approaches.