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Centre of Theoretical Physics

Active Researchers

Prof. Alan Cornell

Originally from Australia, Dr. Cornell obtained his PhD from the University of Melbourne in March of 2003, and has had three post-doctoral positions. His research interests have focused on the phenomenological implications of Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics.


Prof. Robert De Mello Koch

Research Interests: Qauntum Field Theory, String Theory, Theoretical Physics

My interests lie in the gauge gravity correspondence, in particular the properties of operators that have large bare dimension.


Dr Phil Ferrer

Current research interests include plasma propulsion for space applications, specifically micropropulsion. My work revolves around a miniaturised plasma engine, with coupled ionisation/acceleration mechanism of the propellant plume.


Prof. Kevin Goldstein

Research Interests: High Energy Physics, String Theory, AdS/CFT, General Relativity

My research interests are in String Theory, AdS/CFT, General Relativity, QFT in curved space and High Energy physics in general.


Shinji Hirano

Research Interests: String Theory, Gauge Theory, Gravity


Prof. Vishnu Jejjala

Research Interests: String Theory/M-Theory,Quantum Field Theory, Cosmology, String Phenomenology, Condensed Matter Systems, Mathematical Physics


Prof. Daniel Joubert

My general interest is in theoretical and computational condensed matter physics. I am specifically interested in the formalism of Density Functional Theory and in the application of Density Functional Theory in calculating the physical properties of solids and molecules.


Prof. Alex Quandt

Research Interests: Nanomaterials, super hard materials, materials for energy, aperiodic solids and notions of order and disorder, photonics and plasmonics, nanotechnology.


Prof. Joao Rodrigues

Research Interests: Theoretical High Energy Physics

Joao is a professor in the School of Physics and the director of the Center for Theoretical Physics. His research focuses on non-perturbative properties of field theories, the 1/N expansion, strings and superstrings.


Izak Snyman

Research Interests: Theoretical condensed matter physics; quantum transport.

I am interested in the unusual behavior of electronic matter at low temperatures (a few Kelvin) and/or small (a few nanometers) length scales.


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