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Honours in Psychology

The Honours in Psychology degree is an academically-based programme aimed at providing students with a range of knowledge and skills within the field of research, as well as specialist areas of interest.

Applications to study in 2020 will be open from 15 July to 30 August 2019

In itself, the degree is highly marketable, as there is increasing demand for students with strong research knowledge and competencies within organisations. However, it also offers a potential alternative route towards both professional training and other careers in applied psychology. It does not offer registration as a psychometrist or registered counsellor. 

A part-time option is available through Wits Plus and will be offered over a period of two years. Students are expected to complete five (5) modules successfully in order to obtain the degree. This includes one (1) compulsory module (Research Methods in Psychology); a compulsory Research Essay on an approved topic; and three (3) modules.

Download details of the Psychology Hons Part-time Curriculum.

Click here to download the 2020 Honours Application Guidelines.

Download Honours Psychology Timetable Sem 1 and Honours Psychology Timetable Sem 2

Application to study

Applications to study in 2020 will be open from 15 July to 30 August 2019

Only twenty-five (25) places will be available on the part-time programme. Thus acceptance into the programme is competitive and is provisional upon the following criteria:

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree with Psychology as a major; 
  • Good marks achieved at third year Psychology level (please note that while University rules do not allow acceptance of students into the programme whose third year average falls below 65%, attainment of a 65% average is often insufficient to be offered a place due to a high demand for places in the course); 
  • The principle of racial equity; 
  • Preference on the part-time programme will be given to students who have completed their undergraduate degree on a part-time basis.

There are two steps to the application process:

Step 1: all applicants will be required to make an online application through the Wits central applications site (Student Enrolment Centre: SENC) by following this link. Those wishing to study part-time should select the part-time option. This application requires that you upload an official copy of your academic transcript.

Step 2: you will then be emailed a personalised link to the Psychology Departmental application form (hosted on the SurveyMonkey platform). You will need to click on this link and complete the form before the closing date – 31 August 2018. If you are unable to complete the application in one sitting, please save your application and return to it later. If you experience a loss of Internet connection, the link in the email can be used to navigate back to your application – responses on the most recent page reached may need to be recaptured. Please retain the email invitation until your application has been submitted. The link will no longer work once you have submitted the application (by clicking ‘Done’ on the last page), and/or after the closing date.

If you do not receive this email invitation within two weeks of having completed the central Wits application, please send an email to or requesting the link (also check spam/junkmail folders on a regular basis).

The online application form will ask for information relating to demographics, type of high school attended, previous tuition funding, and marks from previous/current degrees.

NB: The closing date for completing the online departmental application form is 30 August 2019 for proposed study in 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: Your online application to the University via the Student Enrolment Centre (SENC) is incomplete until you have completed the departmental application form. Both forms are essential.

Application queries can be directed via telephone to Ms Jabu Maseko on +27 11 717 4553 or via email to Thomas Tshikovha (

PLEASE NOTE: It is unlikely that you will have heard yet whether or not you have been accepted into the Psychology Honours programme before the closing date for applications for financial aid. If you require financial aid, please apply for it in the event that you are accepted into the programme. You must make applications for financial aid separately to the Bursaries and Scholarship Office. Other sources of funding are also available – please look for these on the Fees and Funding website and apply where relevant.

Selection Process

Selection Process

Applicant information is collated and assessed for the selection process. Given the large number of applications into the programme, selections are based purely on scrutiny of the documentation supplied. Potential candidates should also note that because of over-subscription a large number of students who meet the faculty minimum criterion for entry into a masters’ degree (65% average for 300 level psychology courses) may not be offered a place on the programme. The selection of candidates is based on academic performance as well as consideration of equity, diversity and social redress. The weighting of these aspects is to some extent dependent upon the nature of the applicant pool in any given year. The demographic information requested in the departmental application form is collected in order to serve, in part, as a basis for evaluating applicants’ potential contributions to diversity in the course. This information also assists the selection committee to assess the applicant’s performance relative to levels of (dis)advantage.

Note: The information you provide in this application may be independently audited to evaluate its accuracy. Knowingly providing false information will be grounds for permanent exclusion from all postgraduate degrees in Psychology at Wits. Selection is conducted by a small team of Psychology staff who are bound by the graduate selection policy guidelines of the School of Human and Community Development.

Equity Criteria

Selection is conducted by a small team of Psychology staff who are bound by the graduate selection policy guidelines of the School of Human and Community Development.  Wits Plus is not involved in the selection process.

Based on the application review process, applicants are ranked according to marks and equity criteria. In the case of the Honours in Psychology course the top applicants are then shortlisted and will receive a letter from the Department of Psychology ideally by the end of November. Applicants who had not yet completed their third year psychology modules at the time of application will be emailed in early December and asked to provide their final year marks. Non-Wits candidates will need to upload final year transcripts to their SENC online applications as soon as possible to ensure entrance into the course.

Final selection will take place in early December. Successful candidates will be sent a letter notifying them of a firm offer of a place in the programme by mid-December. Candidates who are waitlisted for places in the course will also receive a letter notifying them of their place on the waitlist and will see a ‘decision pending’ status on their online applications. Waitlisted candidates may be contacted any time between December and February. Those who have been declined places will see a ‘declined’ status. Students who have been offered a place will be asked to notify the department of their availability to take up the place as soon as possible.


Students in the part-time Honours in Psychology programme will need to attend an orientation workshop, usually held in January. We will notify successful applicants of the details.  

Contact details

General Honours Queries:

Mr Thomas Tshikovha
Tel: +27 11 717 9506

Selections Administrator:

Mrs Jabu Maseko
Tel: +27 11 717 4553