PIMD - Grounds Technical Inspector

Position: PIMD - Grounds Technical Inspector
Remuneration: N/A

Main Purpose:

The Director of Property and Infrastructure Management Division invites suitably qualified and experienced applicants to apply for the Grounds Technical Inspector vacancy. The main purpose of this job is:

  • To perform regular inspection, repair and maintenance of all hard-landscaping and external infrastructures relating to the University grounds, including roads, walls and fences, and external waste and sports facilities
  • To arrange site meetings with contractors for repairs and maintenance.
  • To generate work instructions on any work done by contractors for PIMD Grounds in order to ensure that acceptable standards and quality workmanship is delivered.
  • To be guided by University policies and procedures and operate within these boundaries as directed by the Facilities Manager: Grounds.

Key responsibilities include the following:

  • Ensure that all facilities assigned to him/her is maintained in a cost effective and efficient manner in so far as it is practical and reasonable. 
  • Daily inspect work quality and progress of work output of contractors doing routine maintenance and repair work, inclusive of all work done with PIMD Grounds or as deemed necessary by the Facilities Manager Grounds (FMG).
  • Inspect and ensure the maintenance goals and objectives developed by the University effectively address all areas of the Grounds portfolio. This will include the Planned Maintenance (PM’s), Corrective Maintenance (CM’s) as well as the Reactive Maintenance (RM’s) (breakdown and repairs) and operational projects are compliant to minimum standards of workmanship and quality.
  • Inspect and ensure that scheduled preventative maintenance programs, such as servicing flood lights, cleaning pool & water-features and filters, etc are carried.
  • Ensures all safety and other statuary requirements are complied with by contractors on site, including the wearing of prescribed personal protective clothing.
  • Ensure materials and equipment scheduled to be used by contractors is safely and correctly stored, so as to create as little inconvenience to others, as possible.
  • Assist the Facilities Manager Grounds (FMG) to compile a report on Property Risks identified in his/her area of responsibility in line with the University’s Adopted Risk Management Policies and Procedures.
  • Help and assist the appointed Occupational Health and Safety Officer for his/her areas of responsibility to inspect and comment on the received relevant monthly safely reports, to ensure risk mitigation.
  • Assist the Occupational Health and Safety Officer with the Occupational Health and Safety inspections that are carried out on all construction sites, and report on any risks associated with any construction work, as per requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Construction Regulations and other relevant legislation.
  • Assist the Occupational Health and Safety Officer by ensuring that facilities on his/her assigned area of responsibility is accessible and safe for use by people with disabilities.
  • Liaise at all times with the Facilities Manager Grounds (FMG) as well as with the Facilities Technical Manager (FMG) relating to the execution of construction, maintenance and / or other work of which he/she is has been assigned to, in order to ensure that the customer remains informed of quality, delays and workmanship that may have a negative impact on the University’s teaching, research, sport and residential programs.
  • Inspect all repair and maintenance related work and expenditure within parameters of approved budgets and scope of work. He/she will ensure that the University and sectional financial rules and regulations are complied with.
  • Write reports on all cases where it was necessary to step outside of fiscal rules and regulations, inclusive of where over-expenditure was necessary.
  • Check and ensure that the financial documentation submitted by contractors complies with the guidelines as well as the rules and regulations of the University.
  • Manage his/her office in such a manner as to always render an effective and efficient customer focused service.
  • Attend weekly Grounds/Sports Administration meetings and report on related repairs and maintenance to external, non-turf related, sports facilities and submit a weekly report to the Facilities Manager Grounds (FMG) regarding repairs and maintenance to grounds and external waste infrastructure.
  • Keep inspection records of all inspections done on projects on file, as per requirements of audit and administrative regulations.
  • Inspect and report on all queries and complaints that may arise regarding his/her areas of responsibility.


  • Grade 12 and a project management certificate
  • At least Six (6) years working experience of which two (2) would be in a similar capacity
  • Computer literacy (MS Office suite and MS Projects)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills as well as verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent time management and the ability to work according to deadlines
  • Previous experience managing contracts of this nature
  • Strong leadership qualities, ability to motivate and manage a team
  • Demonstrated ability to resolve conflict in an amicable manner.


  • Working knowledge of electrical, plumbing, irrigation and building trades, project management experience, experience in infrastructure risk management and an understanding of Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Clear understanding of construction processes and procedures and the management thereof.

Closing Date: 21 April 2011
Contact Person: N/A
Contact Person Email:
Fax Applications to: N/A
To Apply: Submit a covering letter, detailed CV with names and contact details of three referees and certified copies of degrees/diplomas to N/A, PROPERTY AND INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT DIVISION, University of the Witwatersrand, Private Bag 3, Wits 2050.·

Alternatively - Fax: N/A or E-mail: