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Wits agrees to insourcing in principle

- Wits University

VCO statement:

Following two days of engagement with the representatives of outsourced workers and students, the University has agreed to the following:
  1. Wits agrees to insourcing in principle.
  2. A commission to be constituted by all stakeholders will be established by 6 November to determine the details of how insourcing will be implemented in a way that ensures sustainability of the University.
  3. A Memorandum of Understanding on the way forward will be drafted and signed by all stakeholders. 
  4. The children of outsourced workers who qualify to study at Wits will receive financial aid from the University.
  5. The R1 500 examination supplementary fee will be waived.
  6. Qualifying, financially-stressed final year students in 2015 who owe R15 000 or less, will not be required to pay this amount in order to graduate, as this may prevent them from finding a job.
  7. It is proposed that the examination period be postponed for one week and run from 9 November 2015 to 4 December 2015. This proposal is subject to approval by Senate, the highest academic decision-making body of the University. 
The University is of the view that through engagement with various stakeholder groups, we have reached a point of unification that will allow the University to return to normality with a focus on the examinations for the remainder of the year.