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New exam timetables released

- Wits University

Statement from the Registrar:

Senate has approved the extension of the examination period.

The final examination period will run from Monday, 9 November 2015 to Friday, 4 December 2015. The examination results will officially be released on Monday, 21 December 2015.

The week 2 – 6 November 2015 will be used by faculties to complete the academic programme or for revision purposes, except in cases where there are activities associated with external professional accreditation bodies.

The final examination timetable is available on the Wits website at and will be placed on Examination Notice Boards today. It will also be accessible via the Student Self Service Portal.

The new timetable is essentially similar to the original timetable but will run from Monday, 9 November 2015. If there are any clashes, these should be reported to your Faculty as a matter of urgency.

Students in the School of Education and the Faculty of Health Sciences are required to follow their respective timetables.

A number of factors were considered when we made the decision to postpone the examinations for this period of time. These include:

  1. Quality assurance – The time required for academics to engage with local and international external examiners, who add value to the quality of Wits’ qualifications.
  2. Professional bodies – The postponement impacts on the registration of many students with professional bodies as well as the time required for practical work.
  3. Accommodation costs / need for extra accommodation – This is a major concern especially for students staying in private accommodation.
  4. Graduations clashes – Any further extension will result in examinations clashing with graduations.
  5. Transport and living expenses – The extended time period will have an additional impact on students living off campus and those who have already confirmed their travel arrangements at lower rates. 
  6. International students – There is a risk that there may be some international students whose visas may expire and who by law may be required to return to their home country. The University has no control over the issuing or extension of visas.

Students who celebrate Diwali will note that with the new timetable, there are exams scheduled to take place on the 10thand 11th of November. A special set of examinations has been scheduled to accommodate the significant religious holidays. Students are required to make contact with their respective faculty to indicate which examination session they will be selecting. Students may also consider a deferred option scheduled for January 2016.

Exams scheduled for 10thNovember

Special exam scheduled for 14th November

Exams scheduled for 11thNovember

Special exam scheduled for 15th November

Furthermore, each faculty is creating a supplementary window in early January 2016 for students who may be academically eligible to write a once off special supplementary examination. Faculties will communicate directly with students in this regard. 

Graduations will take place from Tuesday, 8 December 2015 to Friday, 11 December 2015.

We wish you all the best for the forthcoming examinations. Should you have any queries, please make direct contact with your faculty.