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Student protest

- Wits University

Update: 16 October 2015

Students continue to protest at Wits today.

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Adam Habib tried to address students since 09:00 today but was not afforded the opportunity. He also tried engaging with the current student leadership, but given the diverse demands of the various groups, it has been difficult to take the process forward.

Some political student societies also tried to hijack the protest to raise their own issues. 

Nevertheless, Wits has committed to continue to engage with the students and Habib is currently sitting amongst students on the Senate House Ground Floor to try to understand all their grievances.

He does not have the authority to overturn the Council’s decision on the 10.5% increase for 2016, but has requested that the Council Executive meet to discuss this matter.

The protests remain generally peaceful. We will keep you updated on developments as the day unfolds. University activities were suspended on most campuses today so staff and non-protesting students were not affected.

For interviews, please call Shirona Patel on 0833621995 or email or visit for updates.