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Transformation in health sector

- By Wits University

In her upcoming inaugural lecture, Professor Laetitia Rispel, Head of the School of Public Health, will discuss the progress and fault lines of transformation in the health sector post-apartheid.

Relying on her research into health policy and systems over two decades,  Rispel will explore the (dis)connections between progressive and far-reaching health policies in South Africa, leadership and management, and the fault lines of implementation and health systems change experienced by health workers and the patients and poor communities they serve.

While acknowledging the progress made since 1994, the inaugural lecture will present a critical analysis of and reasons for the relatively poor performance of the South African health system, compared to other countries of similar income levels, and in light of the country’s quantum of health care spending.

Questions of policy implementation inertia, patient care quality, and human resources for health will be examined, and how these issues are shaped by context and unequal power relations. Rispel will argue for the metaphorical “repair of the fault lines” to ensure the success of the proposed national health insurance system.

Date: Monday, 28 September 2015

Time: 18:00

Venue: Marie Curie Lecture Theatre, Wits Medical School, Parktown Health Sciences Campus