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Trip around the world at I-week

- By Refilwe Mabula

Witsies celebrated their diversity by taking a tour around the world in the form of a cultural exhibition at the closure of Inclusivity week on Friday, 14 August 2014.

The University’s Inclusivity Week(I-Week),  ended with a colourful celebration of Wits’ diverse and cosmopolitan culture with food, culture, dance, music and heritage, history, clothing and ornaments heritage of various countries including those of Bulgaria, India, Ghana, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Swaziland, South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, France and Jamaica being displayed. 

Witsies feasted on a variety of international dishes ranging from sishwala (pap and beans) from Swaziland, barfee (sweet meat) from India, morogo from the Basotho people, the Turkish tea çay and South Africa’s own chakalaka. 

One of the highlights for the Wits community, during I-week was the “breaking bread” event, when staff and students gathered, to share their experiences of transformation at the University. This was followed by a debate about pregnancy in student residences. The debate was held in the Senate Room, Senate House, Braamfontein Campus East on Thursday, 13 August 2015. 

Indicating a true a sense of inclusivity at the cultural exhibition, third year French students, Mbali Khumalo and Kirsten Dinnie, who are of South African descent exhibited France as their country of choice. Khumalo explained that French is a softer dialect of English, and like English is also global language which is key in fostering international relations.

Second year law student, Grace Sibanda from Zimbabwe also showed of her interest in diverse cultures. Sibanda, who was at the Jamaican stand, expressed her love for Jamaica. 

“Jamaica is a vibrant, green and beautiful soul that deserves applause and appraisal. It’s dedication to nature and Africa is what beautifies its existence,” says Sibanda.

The Turkish exhibit was awarded the first place for the best looking presentation, followed by Ethopia which also managed to feed over 50 people during lunch hour.

As part of the cultural exhibition, Witsies were also entertained with dance and music at the cultural talent show. A new acapella group(without a name) on campus,  soothed participants with songs from legendary music like the late Brenda Fassie and Hugh Masekela’s “Thanayi Tenai”, and took the first spot for their amazing, unifying voices.

The cultural celebration, which took place at the Piatta outside the Great Hall on the Braamfontien Campus East was an all day celebration.