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WAPE awards for researchers

- By Wits University

Professor Jacklyn Cock and Dr Vishwas Satgar where honoured by the World Association of Political Economy (WAPE) during its conference in Johannesburg the past weekend.

The 10th WAPE Forum, titled: The Uneven and Crisis-prone Development of Capitalism, was held at Wits University from 19 – 21 June 2015. WAPE, registered in Hong Kong, China, is an international academic organisation founded on an open, non-profit, and voluntary basis by Marxian economists and related groups around the world.

It aims to utilise modern Marxian economics to analyse and study the world economy, reveal the law of development and its mechanism, and offer policies to promote economic and social progress on the national and global level, so as to improve the welfare of all the people in the world.

Cock, Professor Emerita in Sociology and Honorary Research Professor at the Society, Work & Development Institute (SWOP) at Wits University, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. She has published widely on issues relating to gender, environmental and militarisation.

Satgar, Senior Lecturer in the Department of International Relations, received a Distinguished Achievement Award for his contribution for initiating and editing the Democratic Marxism Series. The second volume, titled: Capitalism’s Crisis – Class Struggles in South Africa and the World, will be released in October 2015.