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Reinventing pan-Africanism

- By Wits University

The Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WiSER) recently held a two-day international symposium on Reinventing Pan-Africanism in the Age of Xenophobia.

The symposium followed the recent xenophobic attacks that have placed South Africa’s complicated relationship with the rest of the continent on the public agenda, both within South Africa and in other countries.

According to the organisers memories of the contributions and sacrifices made by other Africans to South Africa during apartheid appear to be waning as South Africans become increasingly focused on unfulfilled promises of their post-apartheid reality. Very often it appears that frustrations about the slow pace of socioeconomic change are being taken out on “foreigners.”

The symposium brought together a number of distinguished African scholars and intellectuals, such as Adam Habib, Achille Mbembe, Moeletsi Mbeki, Xolela Mangcu, Nomboniso Gasa, Tawana Kupe, Andre Zaaiman, Aurélie Kalenga, Ingrid Palmary and others.

They reflected on the myriad complex and changing relationships between South Africa and the rest of the continent from the vantage point of Africa’s different regions.

Watch vodpodcasts for the entirety of the panels.