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Doing Human condemns attacks

- By Wits University


The Doing Human 2015 international conference, hosted by the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies, strongly condemns the violent attacks against migrants in South Africa.

We* the delegates of the Doing Human 2015 International Conference (taking place from 14-16 April 2015) strongly condemn the brutal attacks against migrants and the mobilisation of hate. 

Recognising that the complex underlying issues need to be recognised and addressed, we call on all leaders in the country to intervene decisively to bring this violence to an immediate end; we also call on all citizens to promote tolerance of others.

Everyone in our country has the right to feel and be safe, live in dignity, move freely, and to contribute to our society without fear of intimidation, harm, or loss of their property. We also appeal that no one should circulate messages and images inciting violence against fellow human beings.

As South Africans we know painfully from our own history, denying the human in other people destroys our own humanity.

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The conference is conceptualised on the belief that “the ‘human’ is not a self-evident category but has in fact always been a site of contestation shaped within unequal power relations within unequal power relations”, and has critically been discussing the construct/performance of doing ‘human’.

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