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WADDP connects with high school learners to promote cutting edge science

- By Wits University

As part of the Wits Advanced Drug Delivery Platform (WADDP) Research Unit’s initiative to broaden participation from high school learners, two pupils undertook an Eskom Expo project in collaboration with the at the WADDP Laboratories.

In the pursuit of fostering interest in science-based careers during pre-university years, Shaaziah Kolabhai and Azmia Arbee, currently Grade 10 at the St Teresa’s School in Rosebank, undertook the project under the supervision of Professor Viness Pillay and Professor Yahya Choonara. 

The projected involved the invention of a new sunscreen soap formulated from unique sun protecting agents at an SPF of 10. They achieved gold medals at the Eskom Regional Expo for their excellent work and were subsequently invited to compete at the National Expo. The Nationals were held at the Birchwood Convention Centre in Boksburg where there they competed with over 100 contestants and achieved silver medals.

Currently Kolabhai and Arbee are working on another joint project with the WADDP for this year’s Expo.

“This initiative of the WADDP is designed to engage high school learners in science through high quality hands-on learning opportunities that allow them to acquire interests and skills that can not only lead to careers in science but also contribute to the importance of fostering the next generation of critical thinkers,” says Pillay.

For further information on the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists visit

Some of the high-tech science projects undertaken at the WADDP Labs by high school learners include: 

  • Radioisotopes in Medicine Industry – Crawford College
  • Design of a Nano-Bioadhesive Ocular Insert – Treverton College
  • A Plant Patch for Growing the Perfect Plant – Crawford College