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Anti-doping initiative to be launched

- By Vivienne Rowland

In a collaborative effort to curb doping in sport on a tertiary level, the Centre for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at Wits University, the University of Johannesburg and the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport invite you to attend the launch of a University Anti-Doping Programme.

The launch of the programme is the first South African anti-doping initiative at university level, after much research has been done into the disturbing practice among school children practising sports at high school level. View the launch programme.

“Doping has not been determined at a university level. A lot of high school kids practicing high performing sports are going to university, thus there may be a carry-over effect of the use of performance enhancing drugs. We have no idea what the extent of the problem is at university level and through this initiative, we would like to address it,” says Professor Demitri Constantinou, Director of the Centre for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at Wits University.

The launch takes place on Thursday, 5 March 2015. Enquiries: or (011) 717-1017.

*Read Professor Constantinou’s opinion piece on Anabolic steroid abuse in school sport published in Sports Medicine Update in October 2011.  

Listen to Professor Constantinou's comments on the upcoming launch

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