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Foreigners create jobs

- Wits University

Foreign shops twice as likely to hire locals - study

Studies conducted by the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO), including the Quality of Life Survey, released in August last year, give a snapshot of foreign traders' contribution to employment. Read the full story on

About the GCRO:

The GCRO was established in 2008 as a partnership between the University of the Witwatersrand, University of Johannesburg and the Gauteng Provincial Government, with local government in Gauteng also represented on the GCRO board via SALGA. Behind the motivation for setting up the GCRO is a vision for South Africa's economic heartland as a region that is competitive, spatially integrated, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. The GCRO is charged with helping to build the knowledge base that government, business, labour, civil society and citizens all need to make this vision a reality. It collects data and benchmarks the city-region, provides policy analysis and support, undertakes applied research, and publishes critically reflective academic work.