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Blombos features on CBC-TV

- Wits University

Blombos Cave in the Western Cape features prominently in a new three-part documentary series.

The Great Human Odyssey – The story of Homo sapiens, the miraculous survivor will debut on CBC-TV in Canada on 12 February 2014.

Blombos was discovered by Wits researcher, Professor Christopher Henshilwood, an archaeologist from the Evolutionary Studies Institute. He directs the Blombos Cave Project,a major archaeological research initiative that is contributing significantly to the international debate on the origins of what is considered modern human behaviour.

Since 1991, he has led the excavations at this site that have uncovered marine shell beads, engraved ochres and bone tools that date to 75 000 years ago. These finds are widely believed to signify that southern Africa was a primary centre for the early development of modern human behaviour and for the evolution of complex language.

The documentary track the discovery of a possible new cave in Blombos.

Watch the promotional videos on vimeo: