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"There is no Ebola in SA"

- By Vivienne Rowland

 “There is no Ebola in South Africa,” says Professor Guy Richards, Head of the Division of Critical Care at Wits University.

“Even if someone with Ebola symptoms were to set off to South Africa from the affected West African countries, they won’t make it here alive,” said Richards.

Richards said this will be because there are no direct flights from the affected West African countries to South Africa, and a trip here would be too long for some with Ebola symptoms to survive the multiple-leg journey. 

He was speaking at a panel discussion about the epidemic, which has hit West African countries the hardest.

Richards was joined on the panel by four members of various organisations including Sharon Ekambaram, Head of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) South Africa’s Dr Neil Aggett unit; Fatima Shabodien, Country Director for Action Aid SA; Dr Bhekinkosi Moyo, Executive Director of the Southern Africa Trust; and Dr Frew Benson, Chief Director for Communicable Diseases at the National Department of Health. View the programme.

The discussion, which was moderated by Dr Prinitha Pillay from the Rural Health Advocacy Project, consisted of opening remarks by the panel members, followed by a discussion, and a question and answer session with members of the audience and the panel members.

Listen to the audio

Welcoming remarks by Pillay

Opening remarks by panel members

Panel discussion

Question and Answer session

Wits also hosted another panel discussion on Ebola earlier this year. Read more.