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WITS Mining - Postgraduate Programme

The School of Mining Engineering has, in conjunction with the South African mining industry, developed a comprehensive programme of postgraduate courses designed to cater for the needs of graduates.


WITS Mining - Postgraduate Programme
Courses include technical subjects for specialist skills in mining, mineral resource management and evaluation, and rock engineering, as well as management skills in evaluation techniques and fundamental mineral economic principles. Please download our postgraduate pamphlet for further information.

Postgraduate degrees offered
The School offers the following postgraduate qualifications:


  • Master of Science in Engineering -- MSc(Eng) by research only
  • Master of Science in Engineering -- MSc(Eng) by advanced coursework and a project


  • The Ph.D involves submission of a research thesis.

Postgraduate courses
The course contents and selection of courses in the annual timetable reflect the School's commitment to serve the mining industry's changing executive manpower needs. The courses are each presented as block release modules involving one or two weeks of full time lectures and a project. This format enables candidates resident at remote mines to participate in our postgraduate programme.

Postgraduate Handbook
We hope that you will find this handbook helpful. It contains information about the postgraduate degrees and diploma offered by the Faculty together with application and registration procedures and details of approved courses for postgraduate study. Click here to download the latest (December 2016) PG Handbook 2017.

Short Course
Students who do not have a background in mining but intend to pursue a postgraduate degree at the School of Mining would have to register and attend the Introduction to Mining Engineering course, which will occur from the 3rd to the 14th of September 2018. Further information can be obtained from the following link: Intro to Mining Course Flier - September 2018 . You can also download the application form Intro to Mining Application - September 2018 or contact for further information.

The Explosives Engineering for Surface and Underground Mines course has been developed by the School of Mining Engineering to provide the participants with knowledge of explosives engineering applicable to the mining industry. This course will occur between 2nd and 6th June 2018. Further information can be obtained from the following link Course flier. You can also download the Application Form or contact for further information.




*** See important notes at the end of the timetable

TBA: To Be Announced – No dates set as yet

 ** Se important notes at the end of the timetable

Lecturer Course Number Course Name Course Dates Exam Dates
TR Stacey MINN7005 Mechanical Properties of Rock and Rock Masses 19 February - 23 February 09-Mar
C Dohm MINN7006 Geostatistical Methods in Mineral Evaluation 09 April - 20 April 04-May
C Dohm MINN7007 Statistical Valuation of Ore Reserves 26 February - 09 March 23-Mar
TR Stacey MINN7008 Numerical Modelling Techniques in Rock Engineering 20 August - 24 August 07-Sep
T Zvarivadza MINN7010 Advanced Mechanics of Solids 22 January - 2 February 16-Feb
R Masethe MINN7012 Study and Control of Mining Induced Seismicity 01 October - 05 October 19-Oct
R Minnitt MINN7014 Minerals Economics 23 July - 27 July 10-Aug
T Oshokoya MINN7015 Mineral Policy and Investment 28 May - 08 June 22-Jun
H Mtegha MINN7016 Beneficiation Economics 27 August - 31 August 14-Sep
R Minnitt MINN7038 Minerals Marketing 20 August - 24 August 07-Sep
C Dohm MINN7043 Practical Implementation of Geostatistical Ore Evaluation Techniques 30 July - 3 August PRESENTATION ONLY
C Birch MINN7050 Mineral Resource Management 28 May - 08 June 22-Jun
R Minnitt MINN7054 Theoretical Simulation Techniques 15 October - 19 October 02-Nov
B Genc MINN7089 Mine Planning Principles 05 March - 09 March 23-Mar
B Genc MINN7091 Planning and Optimization of Surface Mines 13 August - 17 August 31-Aug
C Birch MINN7092 Mine Financial Valuation 22 January - 2 February 16-Feb
T Tholana MINN7093 Applied Operations Research in Mineral Resource Management 14 May - 25 May 08-Jun
R Mitra MINN7094 Research Methodology 22 January - 26 January N/A
R Mitra MINN7094 Research Methodology 14 May - 18 May N/A

Courses are subject to cancellation or date changes. Students are advised to confirm the dates at least 2 weeks beforehand.

Students must ensure that the School has your contact details and of any changes thereof during the year. Please check via “Technical Enquiries” ( or the relevant Schools in the University).


NB: Prerequisite/Important Notes:

*MINN7085: Prerequisite: MINN7092 or equivalent

*MINN7090: Prerequisite: MINN7092, MINN7089 and MINN7093

*MINN7091: Prerequisite: MINN7092,MINN7089 and MINN7093

*MINN7006: Prerequisite: MINN7007 or equivalent

*MINN7041: Prerequisite: MINN7092 or equivalent

*MINN7043: Prerequisites: MINN7007, MINN7006 or equivalent

(NB: MINN7043 Projects/Presentations to be arranged with Presenter)

(NB: MINN7007, MINN7006 and MINN7043 must be done sequentially)

*MECN7054: Prerequisite: DMR (Mine Manager’s Certificate of Competence)

**MINN7061: Course will be limited to 30 students

**MINN7092: Course will be limited to 30 students

***MECN7006: This course will be run on MONDAY EVENINGS for a period of 13 WEEKS.

MINN7006 & MINN7007: Students are required to bring laptops




All correspondence and enquiries relating to Postgraduate candidature programme should be addressed to:

Anzie Saville
Fax: 011 339 8295
Postgraduate Admin Officer
School of Mining Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
University of the Witwatersrand
Private Bag 3


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