Video title: Johns

One of the more startling features to come out of Hollywood, Johns is a lyrical, symbolism-laden morality tale which centres on two down-on-their-luck male prostitutes. Set on the seedy hustling strip of Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, this compelling drama takes place on Christmas Eve, where John (David Arquette), a 20-year old rent boy, finds his dreams of spending the holiday (and his birthday) in a posh hotel shattered when he wakes up in a park to find his sneakers (and the money hidden in them) stolen off his feet while he was asleep. Desperate to raise cash, he solicits the help of his friend, Denner (Lukas H s), a fellow rent piece, who is secretly in love with him.

Together they work their asses off and dream of a better life. Reminiscent in large parts of both Midnight Cowboy and My Own Private Idaho , the story s strength is in the acting. H s is affecting as the delicate, doe-eyed gay teen, with Arquette as the nominally straight, charismatic John.

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