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PhD, Master's and Certificate programmes

The LINK Centre's Master's and professional Certificate programmes equip participants with the tools they need to function successfully in the ICT ecosystem and knowledge economy.

PhD programme: Members of the LINK teacing and research team supervise Wits Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates conducting research into components of the information and communications technology (ICT) ecoystem and knowledge economy.

Master's programme: The degree of Master of Arts in the field of ICT Policy and Regulation (MA ICTPR) provides a formal post-graduate academic qualification for policymakers, regulators and operators, as well as communications managers in large and small organisations, user and consumer groups, NGOs, and others involved in, or affected by, the ICT ecosystem and knowledge economy.

Certificate programmes: The professional Certificate offerings focus in on key ICT and knowledge economy matters:

Certificate in Telecommunications Policy, Regulation and Management (TPRM): The longest-running LINK Centre Certificate offering, this acclaimed programme is provided annually in three one-week modules spread out over three months. The third module of the 2016 offering runs 26-30 September. The 2017 offering begins in July.

Certificate in Broadcasting and Digital Media Policy-Regulatory Trends: The next offering of this programme will be in March 2017.

Certificate in e-Governance in Africa: The next offering of this programme will be 18-28 September 2017.

Certificate in Chief Information Officer Practice: CIO Africa: The next offering of this programme will be in 2017 (dates still to be announced).

Certificate in Information and Knowledge Management for the Public Sector (IKMPS) - offered subject to demand


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Certificate programmes: Adelaide Mashoene: 



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