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Recently Added Items on WIReDSpace

Title: Perceptions of the impact of board members’ individual perspectives on the social and environmental performance of companies.

Author: Stacey, J.; Stacey, A.

Date: 2014-11

Title: Measuring CP nature of top-Higgs couplings at the future LargeHadron electron Collider

Author: Coleppa, B.; Kumar, M.; Kumar, S.; Mellado, B.

Date: 2017-07

Title: Probing anomalous couplings using di-Higgs production in electron–proton collisions

Author: Kumar, M.; Ruan, X.; Islam, R.; Klein, M.; Klein, U.; Mellado, B.; Cornell, A.S.

Date: 2017-01

Title: Effects of spatial fluctuations in the extragalactic background light on hard gamma-ray spectra

Author: Kudoda, A.M.; Faltenbacher, A.

Date: 2017-06

Title: Effect of the non-thermal Sunyaev–Zel’dovich effect on the temperature determination of galaxy clusters

Author: Marchegiani, P.; Colafrancesco, S.

Date: 2017-08


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