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Wireless access setup

Please follow the instructions below to setup your wireless access on your laptop.

If you?ve tried to complete the setup and have been unable to access the wireless network in the Library, please make sure your user name and password is correct, you can do so at the student help desk (Senate House, 2nd floor).

VPN access has been linked to the Active Directory (i.e the same username and password used for your email access).

The followning is the WPA (Wireless Protected Access) supporting documentations which explains how to configure wireless with the Active Directory authentication:

Please Note:For Help with Wireless Setup go to the Library Computer Services from Monday to Thursday between 14:00 and 15:00.

WITS Wireless (WiFi) Hotspots 

wireless settings for vista1.pdf

wireless settings for vista1.pdf
wireless settings for window7.pdf

Wireless Setup for Windows 7.pdf

how to setup wits wireless ubuntu.pdf

how to setup wits wireless ubuntu.pdf

Wireless setup for windows 8.pdf

Wireless setup for windows XP.pdf

Wireless Configuration for Mac OS.pdf

Follow these steps to setup wireless on your laptop:

1.) Your notebook computer must be running Windows XP.
2.) Your notebook computer must be "virus free" and have the latest anti-virus program running on it. (For help in this regard please contact CNS Help Desk, ext. 71717)
3.) The notebook should be loaded with the latest Windows patches. (For help in this regard please contact CNS Help Desk, ext. 71717)
4.) Familiarize yourself with the ICT Acceptable Use Policy,