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Deeksha Bhana

Deeksha Bhana is an associate professor in the School of Law. She teaches and researches in the field of contract law and has a particular interest in the interplay between contract law and the Constitution.


Name: Deeksha Bhana
Position: Associate Professor
Unit: School of Law
Qualifications: BCom LLB (UCT) LLM PhD (Wits)
Tel: 27 (0) 11 717 8477
Room: Office 138, DJ du Plessis building

Teaching Responsibilities

LLB: Contract law; Introduction to Law (PG).
LLM: Contract law.

Areas of Research & Supervision (IRE & LLM)

Contract law; Horizontality and the Public-Private Divide.


Bhana, D, ‘The substance of contractual autonomy in the twenty-first century: The South African experience’ (2015) 48 (4) Verfassung und Recht in Ubersee: Law and Politics in Africa, Asia, Latin America, 492-516.

Bhana, D, ‘Contractual autonomy unpacked: The internal and external dimensions of contractual autonomy operating in the post-apartheid constitutional context’ (2015) 31 (3) South African Journal on Human Rights, 526-552.

Bhana, D, ‘The development of a basic approach for the constitutionalisation of our common law of contract’ (2015) 26 (1) Stellenbosch Law Review, 3-28.

Bhana, D, ‘The role of judicial method in contract law revisited’ (2015) 132 (1) South African Law Journal, 122-149.

Bhana, D & Visser CJ, ‘The capacity of a minor to enter into a consumer contract: The Consumer Protection Act and the common law’ (2014) 77 (1) Tydskrif vir Hedendagse Romeinse en Hollandse Reg, 177-194.

Bhana, D, ‘The horizontal application of the Bill of Rights: A reconciliation of ss 8 and 39 of the Constitution’ (2013) 29 (2) South African Journal on Human Rights, 351-375.