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Cora Hoexter

Cora Hoexter is a Professor in the School of Law. Her two chief research interests are South African administrative law and the judiciary.


Name: Cora Hoexter
Position: Professor
Unit: School of Law
Qualifications: BA LLB (Natal) MA (Oxon) PhD (Witwatersrand)
Tel: 27 (0) 11 717 8429
Room: Office 176, DJ du Plessis building

After graduating from the University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) with an LLB cum laude, Cora Hoexter began her academic career as a researcher at the University of South Africa. A Rhodes Scholarship then took her to Oxford, where she read Jurisprudence. On her return to South Africa she joined the staff of the University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) and taught there for seven years (1986–1992). Cora moved to the Wits School of Law in 1994 and has been there ever since. She spent some three years as a part-timer while working mainly as a freelance writer and editor of legal publications, but rejoined the full-time staff in 1999 and was appointed to a chair in law in 2000.

A former member of the South African Law Reform Commission (1999–2004), Cora was on the editorial team of the South African Law Journal for more than ten years and was Editor-in-Chief of four volumes of the Annual Survey of South African Law. She also served on the National Research Foundation’s first specialist committee for Law. Professor Hoexter is currently a member of the Editorial Committee of the Constitutional Court Review and a foreign contributor to De Smith’s Judicial Review. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Rights and Justice at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and on the Editorial Board of the series Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law.

Teaching Responsibilities

LLB: Introduction to Law (PG); Administrative Law. Other courses taught previously include Constitutional Law (Structures) and Constitutional Law (Bill of Rights).
LLM: Coordinators and teaches Advanced Administrative Law. Assists with the teachign of other public-law courses in the LLM.

Areas of Research & Supervision (IRE & LLM)

General administrative law and administrative justice, judicial review, the rule of law, the separation of powers, the South African Bill of Rights, the judiciary and the judicial process, legal formalism, non-judicial functions, judicial appointments commissions, judicial discipline, judicial independence and accountability.


Recent books:

Hoexter, Cora Administrative Law in South Africa Juta & Co, Ltd (2 ed, 2012) li & 642pp (peer-reviewed after publication).

Hoexter, Cora & Olivier, Morné (contributing eds) The Judiciary in South Africa Juta & Co, Ltd (2014) xxxvi & 442pp (peer-reviewed before publication).

Recent book chapters:

Hoexter, Cora ‘The Constitutionalisation and Codification of Judicial Review in South Africa’ (Chapter 4) in Forsyth, Christopher et al (eds) Effective Judicial Review: A Cornerstone of Good Governance Oxford University Press (2010) 43–60.

Hoexter, Cora ‘From Chirwa to Gcaba: An Administrative Lawyer’s View’ in Kidd, Michael & Hoctor, Shannon (eds) Stella Iuris: Celebrating 100 Years of Teaching Law in Pietermaritzburg Juta & Co, Ltd (2010) 47–60.

Hoexter, Cora ‘Judges and Non-Judicial Functions in South Africa’ (Chapter 23) in Lee, H P (ed) Judiciaries in Comparative Perspective Cambridge University Press (2011) 474–492.

Hoexter, Cora ‘The Rule of Law and the Principle of Legality in Administrative Law Today’ in Carnelley, Marita & Hoctor, Shannon Law, Order and Liberty: Essays in Honour of Tony Mathews UKZN Press (2011) 55–74.

Hoexter, Cora ‘Just Administrative Action’ (Chapter 29) in Currie, Iain & De Waal, Johan (eds) The Bill of Rights Handbook 6 ed Juta & Co, Ltd (2013) 643–690.

Hoexter, Cora & Olivier, Morné ‘Introduction’ in Hoexter, Cora & Olivier, Morné The Judiciary in South Africa Juta & Co, Ltd (2014) xxvii–xxxvi.

Hoexter, Cora ‘The Structure of the Courts’ (Chapter 1) in Hoexter, Cora & Olivier, Morné The Judiciary in South Africa Juta & Co, Ltd (2014) 1–25.

Olivier, Morné & Hoexter, Cora ‘The Judicial Service Commission’ (Chapter 6) in Hoexter, Cora & Olivier, Morné The Judiciary in South Africa Juta & Co, Ltd (2014) 154–199.

Hoexter, Cora ‘Non-Judicial Functions and Activities’ (Chapter 9) in Hoexter, Cora & Olivier, Morné The Judiciary in South Africa Juta & Co, Ltd (2014) 288–318.

Hoexter, Cora ‘Administrative Justice and the Enforcement of the Constitution’ in Corder, Hugh, Federico, Veronica & Orru, Roberto (eds) The Quest for Constitutionalism: South Africa since 1994 Ashgate (2014) 127–139.

Hoexter, Cora ‘A Rainbow of One Colour? Judicial Review on Substantive Grounds in South Africa’ in Wilberg, Hanna & Elliott, Mark The Scope and Intensity of Substantive Review: Traversing Taggart’s Rainbow Hart Publishing (2015) 163–193.

Recent articles:

Hoexter, Cora ‘The Contribution of the Eastern Cape Bench to Administrative Law since 1994’ (2011) 25 Speculum Juris 15–31.

Hoexter, Cora ‘Administrative Justice – Not Entirely According to Plan’ 2011 Diritto Publico Comparato ed Europeo 1428–1441.

Hoexter, Cora ‘The Importance of Dissent: Two Judgments in Administrative Law’ 2015 Acta Juridica 120–140.

Hoexter, Cora ‘The Enforcement of an Official Promise: Form, Substance and the Constitutional Court’ (2015|) 132 South African Law Journal 207–229.