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Doctor of Philosophy

The PhD is suitable for students who have an interest in conducting independent and highly specialised academic research which may not be available as postgraduate courses. Our academics have expertise to supervise in an extensive range of legal topics which would enhance the professional expertise and standing of those who complete this degree.

The PhD is therefore suitable for law graduates and legal professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of highly specialised areas and for those who wish to become legal academics.

Structure/ Programme

A candidate for a PhD qualification must successfully defend a research proposal within six months of registration (in the case of full-time candidates) or twelve months of registration (in the case of part-time candidates).

A Doctor of Philosophy degree is awarded on the successful submission of a doctoral thesis which should make a substantial contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field of investigation. The length of the thesis should be between 70 000 and 100 000 words.


The minimum period of registration for the PhD is two years (full-time) and four years (part-time).

The maximum period of study is two years in addition to the minimum period of study.