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Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science Education

The Centre for Health Sciences Education in the Faculty of Health Sciences is proud to announce the establishment of a new qualification: The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science Education

The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science Education is aimed at all health practitioners who are involved in University level health science education and teaching. The purpose of the programme is to prepare the health science educator for the teaching role in the 21st century.

You can download a pamphlet here.

Duration and delivery method of the programme

  • The programme is taught over one year on a full-time basis or over two years on a part-time basis.
  • Teaching is based on blended learning: Contact time of 2 weeks per module coupled with e-learning.


The programme consists of four compulsory modules:

1. Theories for teaching and learning.

a. Two weeks attendance at class sessions.

b. Students will be required to reflect on and submit written responses to questions related to the prescribed readings for at least two of the contact sessions. At the conclusion of the module students will be required to submit a written assignment on the content covered in the module in relation to their own practice and discipline.

2. Teaching methodologies for health science education.

a. Two weeks attendance at class sessions

b. The course will include concepts such as:

i. The lesson plan

ii. Preparing for and giving a good lecture

iii. Teaching methods used in innovative curricula - eg facilitation vs teaching

iv. Teaching at the bedside/ chairside

v. Small group teaching / large group teaching

vi. Clinical teaching

vii. Educational technologies that enhance student / lecturer interaction in these settings will be considered

viii. E-learning

ix. A practical component including:

(1) Opportunity to practice skills in role plays etc.

(2) Observation of teaching sessions using the above modalities

c. The final mark will comprise of continuous assessment and an exam mark. Continuous assessment will comprise assignments and practical work. The practical work mark will be generated from teaching experience gained in the various methodologies. The exam mark may be either a written paper or an end of module assignment that incorporates all aspects of the module. (This will be made known to students at the commencement of the course).

3. Essentials of assessment in health science education.

a. Two weeks attendance at class sessions.

b. The following content will be covered:

i. Theory of assessment, including the concepts of reliability and validity in assessment and standard setting

ii. Aspects of assessment such as setting a test paper

iii. Preparing a memorandum and allocation of marks

iv. Different types of assessment eg essay questions, multiple choice questions, multiple essay questions, short answer questions, OSCE's and other methods of examining in the work place

v. Security in the assessment process

vi. Feedback to students

c. The final mark will be calculated from continuous assessment in the form of assignments and an end of course integrating assignment.

4. Curriculum design for health science education.

a. Two weeks attendance at class sessions.

b. The module includes the following content:

i. The meaning of curriculum and the factors that influence it

ii. Aspects to consider when choosing a curriculum design

iii. The benefits and pitfalls of different designs and the methods of evaluating a curriculum

iv. The concept of student-centred vs teacher-centred curricula

c. The final mark will be calculated from continuous assessment consisting of assignments, presentations and projects and a final exam.

Minimum requirements for entry

  • Completed undergraduate degree in any of the following health sciences fields:
    • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
    • Bachelor of Nursing
    • Bachelor of Pharmacy
    • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
    • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
    • Bachelor of Dental Science
    • Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Therapy
    • Bachelor in Health Sciences (Honours)
    • Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in a health science related field or
    • Any other graduate who has been awarded any other degree, the normal curriculum of which extends over not less than four years' full- time study, of the University, who, in the opinion of the Senate, is sufficiently qualified to undertake the field of study proposed, required for the degree.
  • At least two years teaching experience.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.
  • Computer literate.

To apply

  • Contact the Faculty Postgraduate Administration office on 011-717-2076 or email
  • Deadline for 2017 applications is 30 September 2016.

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