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Examinations take place in May/June and October/November.

The Examinations and Graduation Office (EGO) publishes one Final Timetable. Students are encouraged to thoroughly check the final timetable and report clashes to Schools/Disciplines and EGO. Although EGO endeavours to publish clash-free examinations, this is not always possible. EGO will therefore accommodate students with clashes in a special venue, based on the FINAL timetable.

Please Note: Exam times and duration of exam question papers will be communicated to students 4 weeks before the start of the exams.Please note that the timetable is subject to change.

FURTHER NOTE: Students should not make any travel arrangements before confirming the final exam dates of the timetable. It may be that some dates will change due to clashes, availability of examiners etc.


Assessment timetables

Responsibilities of the students: 

  • The onus is on each student to ascertain from the displayed timetables the date, time and venue of the assessment(s) for each course for which he or she is registered.
  • Where a student has a timetable clash this must be reported immediately to the Examinations and Graduation Office and/or School.
  • Misreading the timetable will not be condoned.