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Staff and area of expertise


Staff member Role Expertise
Ken Nixon (PhD) Associate Professor and programme leader Lightning, High Voltage & Software Engineering
Ian Jandrell (PhD) CBI Professor of Lightning (EBE Dean) Lightning and High Voltage engineering
John Van Coller (PhD) Senior Lecturer (joint programme leader) Lightning/EMC/HV/power systems
Jan Reynders (PhD) Emeritus Professor HV Engineering
Cuthbert Nyamupangedengu (PhD) Associate Professor (Joint programme leader) HV Engineering (Insulation diagnosis and nanodielectrics)
Alan Clark (PhD) Associate Professor (EBE Assistant Dean Undergraduate) Computational Electromagnetics
Estelle Trengove (PhD) Associate Professor Lightning
Nicholas West (PhD) Senior lecturer HV Engineering
Hugh Hunt (MSc) Lecturer Lightning
Lesedi Masisi (PhD) Lecturer Electrical Energy Conversion
Ian McKechnie (BSc) Honorary research fellow Lightning, Forensic Engineering
Nich Mahatho (MSc) Honorary research fellow HV Engineering (insulation)
Nishanth Parus (MSc) Honorary research fellow HV Engineering (HVDC)
Dries Wolmarans (BSc) Honorary research fellow HV Engineering/EMC/power systems
Andrea Beutel (PhD) Honorary research fellow HV Engineering
Michael Grant (PhD) Honorary lecturer Lightning