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High Voltage Lab



The School of Electrical & Information Engineering takes pride in ownership of a world class high voltage test laboratory. The facility is used for undergraduate teaching, cutting edge post-graduate research as well as consultancy services to clients in the industry. The laboratory is manned by highly competent staff and equipped with the following facilities:

  • Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS)
  • 1 MV multistage voltage impulse generator
  • 1 MV resistive impulse voltage generator
  • 40 kV single stage voltage impulse generator
  • 400 kV, 15 mA DC generator
  • 140 kV HV AC source
  • A set of 765 kV SF6 GIS system including a 220V/765 kV voltage transformer
  • 8/20 µs current & combination impulse generator
  • 10/350 µs 20 kA current impulse generator
  • 50 kV Partial discharge system
  • 60 kV VLF/DC Voltage source (new)
  • 132 kV Schering Bridge tan δ measuring equipment
  • 50 kV DC supply
  • Modern Partial Discharge test system for equipment rated up to 100 kV
  • Dirana insulation dieletric response test equipment
  • Anechoic chamber

What is so peculiar with the Wits HV lab is its location. It is in the heart of one of South Africa’s major industrial hubs (Gauteng) and therefore easily accessible to practitioners in the industry. The high altitude location of the lab also gives useful unique altitude and other atmospheric conditions for high voltage tests.