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Africa cannot afford to take the back seat in one of the most important pursuits of modern science

Benjamin Rosman

The continent needs its own experts to harness Artificial Intelligence towards our local challenges and priorities in Africa. Behind buzzwords such as “data science” or “fourth industrial revolution” that we are constantly being bombarded with, is the promise of major disruption to every aspect of our lives, powered by the engine of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Wits hosts unique e-Science teaching platform

Wits is the hub of a unique cross-disciplinary postgraduate e-Science training platform. 

Tech giant recognises African machine learning research

Dr Benjamin Rosman, a Senior Lecturer in the Wits School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, has been granted the award in the “Machine learning and data mining” category, Research at Google announced.

Wits’ supercomputing students win big

Wits students in the Schools of Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE), and Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (CSAM), won various awards in the 2018 Centre for High Performance Computing Student Cluster Competition and the South African National Research Network Cyber Security Challenge 2018.

Computational models show that planets can easily exist in triple star systems

Researchers map out regions where exoplanets can exist within triple star systems.

Clean sweep for Wits at international data science competition

Four students and academics from the School walked away with top honours at an international data science competition that was hosted by Huawei in China recently. Congatulations to Steve James, Branden Ingram, Brian Maistry and Dr Richard Klein. 

Olaperi Sowumni, a PhD student in Computer Science, reached the final of the South African heat of FameLab 2018, which took place in Port Elizabeth in May. FameLab is an international science communication competition. 

Kehinde Aruleba, a PhD student in Computer Science, presented the paper "Pre-processing and feature extraction technique for hand-drawn finite automata recognition" at the IST-Africa 2018 Conference, which took place in Botswana in May. 

Robotics researcher awarded Africa’s only grant in the 2017 round of the Google Faculty Research Awards

Benjamin Rosman, a Senior Lecturer in the School has been granted the award in the “Machine learning and data mining” category.

MISG 2018

Mathematics in Industry Study Group is a five-day workshop at which academic researchers and graduate students work collaboratively with representatives from industry on research problems submitted by local industry.

Wits offers new postgraduate courses in e-Science

Wits is leading the charge in combating the large shortage in scientists and professionals qualified in dealing with e-Science, including Big Data.