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Research Groups

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML)

Research Overview: 

The AIML Lab at the University of the Witwatersrand is a research group focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The group's major focus is Reinforcement Learning (R.L), both in terms of contributing the general development of the field as well as its applicability to game playing agents, musical improvisation and robotics. The group is fairly new, having started in the Computer Science department in 2010, and continues to grow.

Research Resources: 

  1. AR-Drone Robots.
  2. NXT Robots
  3. Kinect Kits


Members of Research Group: 

  1. Clint van Alten, Associate Professor
  2. Pravesh Ranchod, PhD candidate
  3. Dean Wookey, MSc candidate
  4. Orry Messer, MSc candidate
  5. Michael Young, MSc candidate
  6. Kevin Martin, MSc candidate
  7. Shengyan Lim, MSc candidate
  8. Michael Mitchley, Associate Lecturer
  9. Phumlani Khoza, Research Assistant


AIML website