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Computer Science

Bachelor of Science (BSc or BS) in Computer Science

Entrance Requirements: 

Academic Programs Details:  At each year of study, the School offers four courses. These courses must be registered for individually, and most of our students will register for all four courses. Each of the courses may have prerequisites and/or Co-requisites; these are specified in the Science Faculty Rules and Syllabuses booklet. Our detailed curriculum is given below. As many of our courses have a significant mathematical content, all Computer Science students must do two years of Mathematics.You must do a number of other courses, depending on the degree you are registered for. Many of our students do Computational and Applied Mathematics, but you should do courses that interest you.

Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons)

Entrance Requirements: 

Admission into the Computer Science Honours program is highly selective. To be accepted, students must have performed well in their undergraduate degrees (we use a guideline of 65% in third-year level courses, though this is by no means a guarantee of acceptance into the program). In addition, we require a good mathematical background and the completion of a range of core courses in Computer Science.

Academic Programs Details:  BSc Honours is a one year intensive program for BSc Computer Science graduates. The course consists of eight topics – six lecture topics and two research-based topics. The focus of the lecture topics is to establish a sound foundation in the core areas of computer science. Research is a strong component of the Honors degree. Students first complete a research methods topic, and then conduct individual research projects under the supervision of members of staff. The skills acquired in learning how to do research – critical thinking, written and oral presentation skills, collation and analysis of large amounts of new information, and the actual conducting of research – are invaluable in industry as well as for further study.

Master of Science (MSc) by Dissertation

Entrance Requirements: 

Computer Science Hons / Engineering Degree.

Academic Programs Details:  The MSc by dissertation typically takes between 18 and 24 months of full-time study. During this time students complete a research project and write a dissertation under the guidance of a supervisor. Students may be expected to do additional coursework.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Entrance Requirements: 

The normal minimum admission criterion for admission to the PhD program is an MSc in Computer Science. Students from other disciplines or with other qualifications may be admitted under appropriate conditions.

Academic Programs Details:  The School offers the PhD degree in Computer Science. The PhD degree should typically take a student 3–4 years to complete. The research areas available are given in Section A. Students may be asked to complete advanced courses as part of their study.