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About the Peer Educator Programme

Vision of Peer Education

In pursuing academic excellence, CCDU believes that co-curricular activities including psycho-education, social justice, building healthy student communities and citizenship are important in enabling the development of a more holistic and complete graduate. It is for this reason that opportunities are created for students to sign-up, train and engage as Peer Educators. Furthermore, the broader wits student community is then empowered through energetic, creative and educational activities facilitated through the peer programme. The Peer Educator Programme is coordinated through WAP; the Wits HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme under CCDU.

What is Peer Education?

Peer education is founded on the belief that peers exert a certain amount of influence over each other. It is a model of practice to engage with communities around various social aspects. Empowering peer educators with accurate content and enhancing their skill to be supportive and develop other students is essential for this concept to be effective. Peer Educators are therefore trained, mobilized and supported to conduct educational interventions within the Wits student and staff community.

Values of a Peer Educator

Each student brings an individual personality and identity to the programme but works in a team setting. The following characteristics are some of the values which peers should strive for:

Peer Values word cloud


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