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Learn for Life Programme

This new dynamic programme adopts an holistic approach to student wellbeing. It provides a range of psychosocial learning and life skills development for students through interactive group processes and the facilitation of presentations, workshops and trainings. Some areas that are covered include:

Social Intelligence - Is your interaction with self, your interaction with others and includes your ability to form Healthy Relationships, Adjust to Campus Life and manage your Sexuality.

Emotional Intelligence - Entails developing a positive sense of self through the management of emotions, self awareness and motivation.

Physical Intelligence - Includes an expectation of physical health through nutrition, exercise, movement and the responsible use of alcohol and a balanced lifestyle.

Occupational Intelligence - Implies that you are tuned into all aspects of occupational and professional life as well as current affairs, locally and globally. Occupational Intelligence helps you to develop a Study Action Plan and Personal Marketing Strategies that will enhance job search skills.

Spiritual Intelligence - Invites you to embrace a positive sense of being and to find a sense of meaning and purpose in life.



Giving to Wits

School of Public Health Building

Whether you invest in a promising young student, or contribute towards vital research or new buildings and facilities – giving to Wits brings great personal satisfaction and lasting results you can be proud of for years to come.

Give to Wits